The first best thing you should do in 2019…

The first-ever NZ Student Volunteer Week is happening now! The nationwide celebration of student volunteers is all about celebrating volunteering, thanking students who volunteer and encouraging other students to get involved. Without student volunteers on campus, many services, organisations and clubs would not exist. At Victoria, students give their time and energy to many different […]

Graduation may seem a long way off if you are in your early years at university. Yet the recruiting process for many internship and graduate positions starts earlier than you may think. It will help enormously if you are prepared and have a good understanding of the skills you require for certain jobs. You can […]

As a busy student, you may not have given volunteering a second thought.  There are however lots of good reasons to get involved and volunteer your time. A few weeks ago I attended a seminar on volunteering run by Dr Karen Smith at Victoria University. I found that as well as looking at the various motivations for volunteering, the seminar helped me […]

Being a Brit and having worked in a top University in the UK, I always follow what’s happening for graduates over the other side. This year’s British graduates are already out there looking for work,  if they weren’t already one of the lucky ones to secure a graduate position before finishing their studies. And competition is […]

Today marks the start of Leadership Week 2010, 25 June – 2 July.  All around New Zealand organisations, businesses and schools will celebrate leadership by participating in a range of activities designed to inspire, develop and celebrate great Kiwi leadership. In support of this event, we are encouraging students to join one or both of the Leadership Programmes at […]

This week I attended an evening event to recognise and thank the 2010 Victoria University Campus Coaches. These coaches support and help new students during their first few weeks at Uni. All part of a superb orientation programme. The 90 coaches helped 950 new students. A job well done and along the way they developed […]