It’s a known fact: many great opportunities/jobs are never advertised. Instead, candidates are called upon by employers directly. When and how to make this happen? Let’s hear and learn from some of our fellow students/graduates… Caitlin – Redwood School Primary School Teacher “I knew finding a teaching job would be difficult, so I set out […]

Looking for an internship or graduate role at the end of the year? Then you’ll need to be clued up about what employers are looking for when recruiting. Do you have business acumen? Are you commercially aware? Do you even know what these terms mean? In all of our discussions with employers, time and time […]

If you are studying economics take note. According to a raft of research, economics students become greedier, more selfish and less charitable over the course of their degree. Writing in Psychology Today, Adam Grant has compiled the results of numerous surveys and research on the behaviour of students studying economics. Studies indicate that ‘altruistic values […]

Sam Johnson, Young New Zealander of the Year 2012, is very much in demand. Speaker engagements, presentations, TV shows…he’s met the Dalai Lama, Hillary Clinton, and danced with Camilla. Not bad for a guy from a farm from Mayfield, mid Canterbury. (If you’ve been under a bushel for the past two years and are wondering who on […]

This blog comes from one of our student Volunteer Careers Assistants, Rebecca. Check out what she has to say… Summer is in the air. For many of you this means jandals, the beach, ice-cream, tramping, sleeping-in and road-trips. For others, summer is a period for topping up the bank account in preparation for the next […]

It’s starting to get colder which can only mean winter is slowly but surely on its way. Speaking from experience I know the colder months can have a negative impact on the job search as the grey days do make it hard to stay motivated.  One of the ways to combat this is to get […]

As the job market becomes more competitive, you need to think outside the square, be proactive and think of creative ways to job search and secure a job interview. Here are some useful ideas to get you noticed:

Networking is a great way to meet contacts in your industry that could potentially help you find a new opportunity, change careers or move up to management level. You can even follow companies through social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook or business networks like LinkedIn and tell your friends, family and contacts that you are looking for a new job. For New Zealand university students and graduates, check your CareerHub Events section and sign up to attend seminars, employer presentations and careers events. There is also a workshop on ‘Networking’ to learn how networking can help you find a job

Volunteer work
Volunteer work is a great way to break into a new industry, learn additional skills and make new contacts. Employers look very favourably upon potential employees who volunteer and you can ask the organisation to provide a reference for you. Volunteer Wellington is a local organisation which provides a fantastic referral service for volunteer work and you may be able to find similar sites and businesses in your local area.

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