I heard about a study about prosperity the other day that involves a former colleague, Bronwyn Hayward, of Canterbury University.  Listening to an interview with her on RNZ inspired me to reflect on what prosperity is (Listen to the interview: RNZ Sustainable prosperity). What does prosperity mean? It, according to definition, is ‘the condition of being successful or thriving; […]

  James Thurbur said it (The New Yorker, 3 April, 1973), you may feel it, and people who study our brains and our behaviour know it.  We need to ease up.  In our rush for innovative performance, we’re going about it all wrong. I touched on it about sleep at work in my June blog when […]

Bills, rent, finance, study, exam, work, to dos, health, relationships, employment etc…
In the midst of all these mind boggling issues and your busy life, it’s very easy to forget to look after your own wellbeing and start missing the plot or losing the grip.
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