The second in our series – Top career questions asked by students is that big question common to many, if not most, students and grads (and people with experience, believe me) – What if I don’t have experience that is relevant to the job? What if I am just starting out, or changing careers – will […]

With competition for jobs high and employers looking for work experience, the demand for internships is increasing all the time. Whilst many of these internships are paid, we are seeing a growth in the number of unpaid internships being offered. Internships are not defined in the Employment Relations Act and unpaid interns are considered volunteers […]

The article doing the rounds at the moment about the lifeguard at the Rio Olympics and people saying it’s a “pointless” job got me scratching my head. While there is no question that the swimmers this lifeguard is overseeing can swim, they could still need a lifeguard – one of them could hit their head […]

I read an opinion piece this week about a woman called Kate who worked for four years at McDonald’s in her late teens and early 20s. She wrote about how initially she felt she was too ‘good’ to work there, which was frequently backed up by comments made by family and friends, until one day […]

Whilst many students are quite savvy at using Facebook and Twitter, many are still unaware of the networking opportunities available to them via LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great way to identify professionals and alumni working in your fields of interest. What better way to start networking than to connect with someone you already know or […]

Looking for an internship or graduate role at the end of the year? Then you’ll need to be clued up about what employers are looking for when recruiting. Do you have business acumen? Are you commercially aware? Do you even know what these terms mean? In all of our discussions with employers, time and time […]

This blog comes from one of our student Volunteer Careers Assistants, Rebecca. Check out what she has to say… Summer is in the air. For many of you this means jandals, the beach, ice-cream, tramping, sleeping-in and road-trips. For others, summer is a period for topping up the bank account in preparation for the next […]

Any Work Experience You Have As A Student Can Be Impressive If You Make It So! Are you worried that you are in a job or role that appears to have no connection with where your degree is leading.  Or where you want to be when you graduate? Whether you’re working in fast food, retail […]

While I was at university, I was told: “Focus on your study, get good grades and the rest will sort itself out! And play hard too, as long as good grades are maintained.” BUT that’s only half true… The truth is there are so many graduates out there, hunting for jobs. They too, have the […]