The second in our series – Top career questions asked by students is that big question common to many, if not most, students and grads (and people with experience, believe me) – What if I don’t have experience that is relevant to the job? What if I am just starting out, or changing careers – will […]

The transition from university to work can be daunting. Excitement can be mixed with a healthy dose of anxiety and confusion over what exactly may be expected of you. In order to make sure you start off on the right foot and ensure success, there are a few things to look out for. Listen and […]

I really like this song “I got bills”. It’s upbeat but still hits a chord that we all have to hold down jobs to pay the bills and as students this is usually a part time or vacation job. There are many part-time jobs to choose from and while we prefer them to be study related, […]

Work or blog, what shall I do? Work: workshops, students, reports, resources vs. Blog:  a blog about playing at work Hmmmmmmmm, let’s see…”Articulate your skills, identify your graduate attributes, start your ePortfolio…” or “How good for you is playing while at work ?” I’m faced with a dilemma. The clock has moved around to my time to […]